City Region Visioning

EU Leader Programme – LAG Networking

EU – Sponsored Local Economic Development Planning

Transnational Territorial Collaboration

The Employment Alliance

The aim of the Employment Alliance project was to empower young unemployed or underemployed humanities graduates to become innovators, entrepreneurs and high value employees. It further sought to address skills mismatches between university-educated students and the current labour market by forming a working alliance between stakeholders in higher education, training, business development and authorities in the East Transfrontier Region.

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The Innovation Alliance

The WIN team participated in the highly commended Innovation Alliance project the aim of which was to strengthen the collaborative “knowledge triangle”, between universities, SMEs and innovation support organizations. The project was a response to the problem of increasing fragmentation in the field of innovation promotion, especially the dislocation between those who generated knowledge that had the potential to spur innovation (HEIs), and those who could translate that knowledge into marketable strategies and use it to produce economic growth (SMEs).

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