John is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Ireland, a Businessman employing 40 people, a forensic accountant and an approved insolvency advisor. Until recently he was the chairman of an economic development foundation which facilitated the creation of thousands of jobs in the East Transfrontier Region in Ireland.


Peter set up and later sold a financial services company which today employs 300 people in a long career, he has advised hundreds of influential people on how to optimise the management of their resources, financial and human. He has also invested a huge amount of his own social capital as a voluntary director and more recently the chairman of an NGO which has developed incubation centres delivering business services in a number of locations in the East Transfrontier Region.


Ronan has been a head of Enterprise in County Louth, an Enterprise Loan Fund Manager and the developer of an incubation centre for creative enterprises. He is an engineer by profession and an MBA graduate of University College Dublin.