Business Start-Up & Business Growth

Our expert team has helped more than 2,000 people to set up a business and then to grow it once established. We help entrepreneurs to find the appropriate answers for their many questions. 

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Social Enterprise Programme

Social Enterprises are businesses that are changing the world for the better. Like traditional businesses they aim to make a profit but it’s what they do with their profits that sets them apart – reinvesting or donating them to create positive social change. Social enterprises are in our communities and on our high streets – from coffee shops and craft shops, to garden centre’s and sports clubs, credit unions and community transport companies.

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The Innovation Alliance

The WIN team participated in the highly commended Innovation Alliance project the aim of which was to strengthen the collaborative “knowledge triangle”, between universities, SMEs and innovation support organizations. The project was a response to the problem of increasing fragmentation in the field of innovation promotion, especially the dislocation between those who generated knowledge that had the potential to spur innovation (HEIs), and those who could translate that knowledge into marketable strategies and use it to produce economic growth (SMEs).

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NGO Impact Maximization Strategies

Municipal Authority (Local and Regional Government) Change Programme

The Co-Innovate Programme

The Co-Innovate programme is a transnational research and innovation (R&I) Programme. The programme aims to increase the proportion of SMEs engaged in international research and innovation. The programme brings together development agencies and university research expertise to deliver a programme aligned with the EU’s innovation strategy priorities.

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